Ever since 1995, from the beautifully rich and enamored city of Kolkata, Arindam and team have been dishing out solutions for Weddings, Corporate meets, Private functions and the whole spectrum with organized and impeccable distinction. With our branches in New Delhi, Siliguri & Goa, and sister concerns in Thailand and Sri Lanka we have a team of seasoned and well sought after individuals, who with every event are successfully treading the global market and filling our kitty with a beaming and satisfied clientele. Here's a sneak peek into the secret of Arindam Dream Designs's success.


While the client is faced with a seemingly loaded wagon of options to choose from, Arindam Dream Designs's entire focus is to infuse innovation and fresh concepts for our clients, every single time. For the client, their event is important and for us, every event is an opportunity to do something, which has not been done before. We want to be the first option for every individual and corporate in the market.


The first rule of any business is to make profit. The first and only rule, which Arindam Dream Designs adheres to, is providing excellent services and sheer quality décor &entertainment to our clients, irrespective of the profit margins. At the end of the day, our work will speak for us and providing solutions for all budgets and all magnitudes of events is our motto.


With over 15 years in the design &entertainment solutions arena, we at Arindam Dream Designs have put together a highly enthusiastic and professional team, which brings with it to the table expertise in comprehensive management of leading décor and entertainment companies and are all now combined under the Arindam Dream Designs's umbrella to provide high-quality décor & entertainment solutions.

We have built in in house units for the following to create any form of décor or entertainment for any kind of event

  1. A fabrication unit for best cost options for clients,
  2. A factory for creating any props and Sets for any event,
  3. A Pre-Press team well suited for Still and Moving media Presentations,
  4. Salaried Choreographers with a professional approach for sangeets, corporate, Private choreography projects.
  5. Studios in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and strategic tie-ups in Mumbai, Lucknow, Kanpur and Bhubaneswar.

With a well coordinated and efficient team , we offer almost everything adecor and entertainment solutions check-list would have - weddings, sangeets, corporate events, catering – you name it and we have it. And if you still have some additional requirements – our team will be very happy to talk through it and add more creativity to your occasion.


Arindam started his career in the entertainment field at the young age of 15 with a couple of school friends primarily as a dance company. From spreading the joy of dance across 150 centers in North India, North East India, Nepal, West Bengal and parts of Mumbai and Pune he has moved on to organizing one of Asia’s largest Latin dance festivals with performers across the world.

With his eclectic taste in music and dance he has imbibed himself a vision for décor which is exotic and out of the ordinary.

Having traveled the world doing events he has an acquired taste of the variety of design options available in different styles from across the world that he imbibes and incorporates in his creations.

His strong Indian connect combined with his exposure to a variety of international styles is reflected in all his designs be it a complete wedding design or any form of décor or entertainment.

In simple words Arindam’s vision is to bring the "extra" in the ordinary to create magic in any event.